ExtractMesh commands in Worksession - Bug

ExtractMeshFaces and ExtractMeshEdge, when used on meshes in an attached, non-active file in Worksession, create geometry in the attached, non-active file, not the active file. Other ExtractMesh… commands were not tested. The new geometry should be created in the active file. It should be impossible to create geometry in a Worksession attached, non-active file.

Other commands such as ExtractSubCrv, ExtractSrf, ExtractIsocurve correctly create geometry in the active file.

This needs to be fixed.

Open this file: ActiveWSTest.3dm (1.6 MB)

Attach this file: ObjectsWSTest.3dm (1.6 MB)

Confirm that ActiveWSTest is the active file and ObjectsWSTest is the attached, non-active file.

ExtractMeshFaces and select mesh faces in the green mesh.
Note that the extracted mesh faces are in the Mesh layer in the attached, non-active ObjectsWSTest, and not in a layer in the active ActiveWSTest.

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Thanks for reporting this, David.
In my testing, it seems to be a bit more general than specific mesh-related commands and I filed RH-67095 as a result.

@wim Thanks for the response. After reviewing RH-67095 It appears that you did not understood the problem I tried to report.

The problem is not how to copy geometry in Worksession from an attached but not active file to an active file. Instead the problem is where certain commands are creating geometry when Worksession is being used. I agree that the inability to move geometry in Worksession using Copy to Layer is also a problem. But it is a different problem than the one I reported.

Worksession should never modify or add geometry in an attached but not the active file. Any new or modified geometry should be placed in a layer in the active file.

ExtractMeshFaces and ExtractMeshEdges add geometry to an attached but not the active file. That is the problem. The geometry does go away when the file is attached or made the active file but until then the added geometry remains present and cannot be deleted. Moving data is a distinct problem.

Instead ExtractMeshFaces and ExtractMeshEdges should place the new geometry in the active file. This is what most other commands such as ExtractSubCrv, ExtractSrf and ExtractIsocurve currently do.

Hi David -

No, I did understand that. Any copying of objects from a referenced file should go to the active document. I expect that to be the behavior after the fix to RH-67095 eventually gets in. The fix will be tested to the workflows as described in the note at the bottom of the report, and, as such, your observations will be rechecked.

RH-67095 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 16