Extraction of production data from a Rhino Model


i have created a solid part of a Ceiling element and need to extract a production drawing from this model part.
I.E. i have a ceiling panel created with solids which have a ceiling surface and 4 upturns ( for each side of the panel).
Now when i do a unroll, it shows me the main surface with one upturn attached to the main ceiling surface, but the other 3 upturns are not connected to the ceiling panel, but to the first unrolled upturn.

But what i need is a proper unfolded panel for the production, which shows the panel surface and on each side of this the unfolded turn-ups, attached to the main panel.

Can anybody help me out on this issue and give me a solution on how to extract these production drawings properly?

panel for unfolding

thanks in advance

See if this helps:


Thanks Gijs! I just discover that you‘ve got a YouTube channel. I didn’t know that unjoint edge trick to solve the unfolding for that kind of situations, very handy.


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Yes, I mainly use that to share things with my students

Hi Gijs,

thank you very much for your feedback.
I will try to follow what you mentioned and will get back to you with my result.

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback to me.

Best regards,

hi Gijs,

i tried it in this way and it works great.
Thank you very much.

Now i need to figure our how to convert all my solids into surfaces only as i have made all parts as solids, and its a lot of parts…

Any Idea here to make this conversion on an easy and fast way?


Normally in thin sheet metal manufacturing you can get away with using the inner surfaces for bending, but you have to check with your manufacturer (this is what was used in the example video). Can you post one example of what you are trying to unroll? depending on how it looks it might be doable with a script. Manually it would be extracting the inner surfaces > join > unjoin some edges > unrollsrf
One way I can think of is exploding the object, select objects with small area (using a script) and delete these then rejoin and select the smallest part (which would then be the inner surface)

The material is 0.7mm and 0.8mm thick only…
so you think it would be possible to chose the inner surfaces and unfold these?
And how to do this script for something like this? is this very difficult to do?

I have many repetitions of same panels, but i also have around 50 to 60 individual panels, which are all different from each other…

Any experience with Grashopper or Python Script (or another flavor of programming)? Then it should be fairly straightforward. Since the edge surfaces that are only .8 or .7 wide will have very small area, most likely smaller than all other surfaces, it is easy to filter them out. Do your inner surfaces have rounds to them? Again, best to post an example file.