Extracting Polygon / Curve Dimensions

Hi there, I’m currently using the Deconstruct Rectangle component to retrieve the size of rectangles drawn in Rhino in the x & y direction, but this only works for 4 sided rectangle polygons. Any ideas how to do the same for any shape / number of sides closed curve?

Here you go.
Added a few nice things for you.
If the “eval” component brings up an error, just delete it and put a new one in, but remember to change the input names

CurveLength.gh (8.1 KB)

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Check this as well.

Thank you both, but I obviously wasn’t quite clear enough. The top image shows what I have so far - It uses the Deconstruct Rectangle and text fragment to extract the sizes of the two rectangles shown in the second image and write the x & y demsions in the centre of the rectangle (The yellow dimensions are in Rhino). It doesn’t work on the 8 sided polygon (as it’s not a rectangle). What I need are the maximum overall x & y values for the 8 sided object - ie X = 50, Y = 50.

Many thanks

rectangle dimensions.gh (122.8 KB)

Check this.

DeconstructRect_re.gh (13.6 KB)

Brilliant! Thank you!