Create Dimensions from a Rectangle Component

I am trying to create dimensions on a series of rectangles I created with the rectangle component. My current plan is to use the discontinuity component on my rectangles to create the four corners of the rectangles. Then, I want to reconstruct the rectangles by creating lines between these points. Those lines can then be easily dimensioned using the line dimension component. However, the line component when not grafted or flattened makes no noticeable lines, but when I do graft or flatten one of the inputs, then I get a huge mess connecting every point to every other point with a series of lines ala Sol Lewitt (see attached image). When I reverse the Line Component I get close to the desired result but I only get one pair of parallel lines per rectangle. Is there a way to tell grasshopper that I only want to use certain points to create lines and could therefore reconstruct my simple rectangles? Or is there another way to get my dimensions so that I don’t even need to go through this deconstruct/reconstruct process?

I’ve uploaded a bunch of images and my GH file for anyone to play around with and provide suggestions. Ultimately I will be getting rid of the panels for data entry and will be linking it to an excel file that has hundreds of different components and dimensions, but that is a problem for another forum

Procurement (17.0 KB)

Can you just explode the rectangles? That should give you four lines, which you can dimension, in their own tree branches.

that’s the trick! thank you so much. any idea how to only dimension two of the four sides?

First, use List Item

then get the first and second items by clicking the plus, shown here. You might need to zoom in to see the GUI.

awesome thank you so much. huge help!