Extracting Curtain Panel Materials

I am trying to extract curtain wall panels from Revit and create them as Breps in Rhino; then organize the Breps into layers based on their Revit materials.

I have tried a few things such as the " Extracting Materials from Geometry" found on the Rhino.Inside guide but the downloaded python nodes don’t seem to be working

I have found that the “element preview” gets me pretty close but it outputs mesh, not Brep.

Once I can get the Breps and materials in matching lists, I can take it from there. Any help is appreciated

Hi @hughes-y,

‘Material’ is a defined on the panel type.
Please try this.

Or shorter

Wow, so simple. Had a feeling I was missing something.

Thanks for the quick reply

You can simplify the Query Panels side aswell doing this.

Do you have any idea why the list length are reducing so dramatically?

i’m guessing you have some Empty Panel Types