Extracting Architectural Revit Model into Structural Model


I am struggling to turn my architectural Revit model into structural analysis model via Rhino.Inside.

I manage to get the edges of the floor but I need to make them into a single line

At the same time, I have to make the walls into surfaces. Any ideas?

or Is there a plug-in for this purpose? I have not found an up-to-date one.

Walls cast to surfaces.

You can get simple floor boundaries using the Host Boundary Profile, more complex ones might require you to use the Host Faces Top output.

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Which Structural Analysis application are you using?
Geometry Gym has some tools that help with this, although it’s far from trivial to get this 100%.
Walls have door “openings” and many software simply want the meshed surface.
Then there is “healing” a model, a structural analysis model is a simplification and aproximation, ie columns might be preferred to be on the slab perimeter curve, rather than the column mid axis which might cause a mesh with vertex in close proximity to the perimeter. Or wall axis might need to be projected onto the perimeter.

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Hi Japhy, thank you for your help.

Host boundary profile worked just fine for the floors

Surfaces works on the simple walls. but I get error for complex ones.


I tried it for the tunnel part and it didn’t work. I asked because I often work with such structures. In fact, there are much more complicated models like tunnel junction structures. I’m trying to find an easier way to prepare these models.

Hi Jon, thank you for answering.

I mostly use Sap2000 and actually installed Geometry Gym and started using it a while ago. I’m working with the second method you mentioned. My main purpose is to transfer the structural walls as a shell elements, columns as a frame elements etc.
Even if some of the structures I am working on are too complex, would Geometry Gym be useful for simpler models?

HuBore, This is a more particular workflow than casting a System Family.

What information do you need out of the Tunnel Families? Can you post a family? Thanks

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