Extract UV lines from mesh?

Hi there I was wondering if anyone has had any success in extracting sets of U or V lines from a mesh?

it’s relatively straightforward doing it for a nurbs surface but i’m looking to do it to meshes because sometimes I am not able to get clean nurbs surface conversions from other software.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:
UV Lines_on_Surface.gh (157.4 KB)

You can use the WarpWeft component (under Kangaroo2>Mesh) to separate mesh edges into 2 sets for the different directions

Note that while it works for this shape, this is not possible for all meshes - unlike NURBS patches, meshes can be structured in a way where no separation into consistent U and V directions is possible.


Great thanks for that @DanielPiker
Funnily enough i’m actually doing this for the reason of trying to emulate this you created!

Did you use a similar process to get the UV lines on this one and how did you control the spacing of the lines/contours? …or did you use some other magic haha

here’s what i’m working on it’s a hand draped from blender

For something like draped fabric I think using the warp/weft directions of the quad mesh is a good way to show the shape of the surface in an etching style.

For that hand image I only had a triangulated mesh, and got the curves by taking intersections with a set of stacked curved surfaces roughly perpendicular to the directions of the fingers.

Building these surfaces was rather manual though, and since then I’ve done this work, which can be a way of getting these sorts of curves in a more automated way:

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