Extract surfaces bug V7

I don’t know what happen, but when I extract Surfaces with _ExtractSrf, and i select with a window, and deltete them, some surface keep attach to polysurfaces:

select and validate:


Bug extract.3dm (666.8 KB)

Hi - there is something very strange going on with that file.
When I select everything and Hide and then Show, the geometry pops up in a different place.
Can you provide the steps that were used to create this? Can you make this happen with, say, a box in a new file from a factory-default template?

with a box it’s ok, no problem!

it’s a textObject, Font ‘Comfortaa’ ( a downloaded font)
straight extrusion, cap!
i tried with another font… same problem!

Pretty weird… happens here too.

RH-62083 ExtractSrf: count is wrong