Extract point from set

Hi every one.

I’m looking for a way to be able to edit seperatly all the point I created with specific input (a number on a vector for exemple). I get a list of point but cannot find the way to edit them.

Any idea ?

Bests :wink:

Test 1 .gh (13.6 KB)

Grouped by Z Value…

Grouped by Vertical Members (iB is the horizontal – so same as Z Grouping)

you actually don’t need the first set

Re Test 1 .gh (11.8 KB)

Hey Rickson !

Thanks for quick answer. I’m not sure I really get it from what I want to do. How can I plug specific data from this? the thing is i want that point to be set in space by a value and from that web of points I want to create a surface. Like a virus shape.

Here i am now

Best of luck, I’m more on the fabrication side of things. Look into SubD in R7 or a volumetric plugin.