Extract multiple points from list

I am trying separate the points in the top half of the grid from bottom half. The purpose for this is there are data values assigned to each point (see screen grab) and I need to get the average of the upper half and lower half independently of each other. I have figured out how to pull a single point with list item or a pattern with cull pattern, but am struggling to figure out how to divide the upper and lower portions of the grid entirely.

extract multiple points.gh (9.4 KB)

You want like this?

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YES! Thanks so much. would you be willing to post the definition or a screen grab without icons so I can logic through what you did? I’m novice in grasshopper.

extract multiple points_2.gh (12.4 KB)

yes of course

Do you know if there is a way to use the separated “point vector” lists to also separate/correspond to the “point data values” list? The end goal is to take the upper half data points and average them independently and then do the same with the bottom half. I have figured out how to average all the data points.

The issue is the component (DIVA for Grasshopper) that is generating the information breaks the point vector and point data into different outputs and I cant figure out how to use one to cull or sort the other.

I don’t understand what you want exactly
Are you want group points based on the data values?

I understand your question (I know this is a late answer but it could be useful yet).

You want to generate two independent data lists from gridview results(diva object).

I prepared this attached file. I hope that will be useful.


example upper bottom half grid data select.gh (49.3 KB)