Extract coordinate and create a schedule

Hi Guys,

Is there a way that i can extract the coordinates of my piles and put into schedule?


Hi Joel, This isn’t a native function in Revit. I do see a few workarounds on the internet, varying from paid plugins to placing an adaptive model point and filling out shared parameters. If you run into any trouble please post a small example of your work. Thanks.

You can go through the below… The RVT project currently contains 2 families (1 Generic Annotation / 1 Site), check the difference in both plan views (Level 1 / Site) and also check the 2 available schedules. (Using shared parameters for all options, you can apply project parameters if that’s something you want to some options)

Option 1 (Generic Annotation):
GA families are view based so it would only show in a single view and it allows to adjust the Coordinate shape when you adjust scale, you can schedule them using a note block schedule and you need to add shared parameters to the family to be able to schedule them. (Already shown in the project and family)

Option 2 (Site Category):
Created by nesting the above GA family (to make use of the symbol scaling) into a Site category family, mapping the shared parameters to the parent family (not necessary you can just create the params directly in the parent family)… this allows for symbol to show in all views/scale… allows to host to topography if elevation (Z) is of interest… and you can schedule using normal schedules site category (Already shown in project)

Option 3 (Use the Pile itself):
You can add XYZ shared parameters to the pile family and schedule those parameters directly.

You can tag these families if you to show the ID/SOP number in the drawings or the xyz values as well depending on how you setup the tag labels.

Finally, the grasshopper script shows how you can fill the shared coordinate values using grasshopper.

EDIT: forgot to mention you will need to place these families correctly on the pile location OR you can nest the symbol directly inside the pile family among other options, like making the nested symbol shared to control the symbol visibility in drawings using filters and view templates etc… :wink:

Project1.rvt (1.7 MB)
Coordinates.gh (14.5 KB)

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Thank you Mohamed, I will have a look and see how it works! cheers.