Extra sections appearing in "Brep | plane" function

sweep test.3dm (190.4 KB)
sweep test.gh (16.2 KB)

Hi guys, so I’m trying to split a brep into equal sections using the Perp Frames + Brep | plane functions, and for some weird reasons the outcome shows extra sections. I notice that those would appear where the curve would “overlap” (it’s sort of a C-shape curve, so the sections would appear on the along the ends). I’d really appreciate if you could let me know how to eliminate those undesired sections :raised_hands:. Thank youuu!

Have a look at the attachment…

sweep test_re.gh (14.5 KB)

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The problem is that planes are infinite to they intersect the brep more than once. Use PlaneSrf and BBX instead.

sweep test_2021_Jul20a.gh (18.2 KB)

However, the intersection at the left end of your rail/brep is not a ‘Closed Planar Curve’ like the others so doesn’t form a surface as expected. OH! That’s because my PlaneSrf is too small.

P.S. This is a bit ridiculous, getting a PxS (Plane Through Shape) of your largest section curve and orienting it to each of the perp frames.

sweep test_2021_Jul20b.gh (23.7 KB)

Hi @HS_Kim, sorry for the delayed reply but I was rushing to finish the project after you gave your solution. Thanks a lot :pray:

So, if I understand well, by using the “Closest Pt”, you’ve eliminated the sections that are not found on the planes?

Hey @Joseph_Oster, thanks a lot for your reply. I think the first solution is a better fit for what I need but I’ll keep a eye in the future where I can use your solution :raised_hands:

He has eliminated the unwanted plane intersections when planes intersect twice.