Multiple Cross sections

Hi community,

I have a collection of Breps (could even be meshes) representing a building and I want to parametrically make several horizontal cross sections. The idea here is to move these reference sections aside to further work them in 2D within Rhino.

Issue is intersection Brep | plane … not working as I expected… nor Brep | mesh… etc… see here : (21.5 KB)

Ideas :slight_smile: ?


  • CC (25.8 KB)

Don’t know if this helps.

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Brep/Plane draws error because your section planes don’t intersect every brep objects at the same time.
In this case you should keep in mind the data matching also. You’ll need to graft the plane input.
You can manipulate data tree afterward to group sections by floor or object using Path Mapper. (25.2 KB)

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Thank you guys ! it helps me alot !

for the data matching I came up with a sort by height. But your definition is much more simpler @HS_Kim. I like it.