How to avoid perp frames cutting the brep twice

Hi guys,
I’m trying to achieve few grooves on the closed circle shape. I tried to apply perp frames to then interect the brep with it. The perp frame seems to intersect the brep multiple time because of the geometry? Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Trying to achieve the one of left that I did manually

BREP (19.6 KB)

This could be one way…

BREP (16.1 KB)


Use surfaces of limited size instead of planes.

P.S. This is what I was thinking, but in this case it fails due to the tight turns at the ends of your shape. @HS_Kim’s method of filtering out unwanted intersections is much better.

BREP (15.1 KB)

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Thank you, That solves the brep overlap issue.

However to arrive at the end product I needed to have the grooves removed from the loft.

I have managed to resolve it on GH but I feel this script is too long can further be optimised to avoid redundant steps. Any suggestions?

I’ve used the Cutter method Joseph suggested.
BREP split_with (22.7 KB)

As I said, @HS_Kim’s method is much better.


I’ve removed those two components, Is there a way to optimize this script?
BREP split_with (16.3 KB)

You mean just one step like Solid Difference?

BREP split_with (24.6 KB)

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Bingo! That’s it.

You are still using Pufferfish for offset surface. And your curve param is not internalized. I hope you’re using @HS_Kim’s method, not mine? I can’t tell.

Optimize for what?

This message was before I saw your reply with Solid Difference.

I’m using your method of cutters. Perp frames doesn’t seem to the best method for closed crvs with sharp edges.

Thank you.