Exterior design model in Hai Phong

The architectural design showcased in the image embodies the principles of modern minimalism, characterized by clean lines, geometric forms, minimalist details, an open layout, and a neutral color palette. The choice of materials, such as concrete, glass, and composite materials, further reinforces the modern aesthetic. The color scheme, with white as the dominant color, gray accents, and a black car, complements the overall minimalist style.

Style: Minimalist Details: The design avoids unnecessary ornamentation or clutter, emphasizing simplicity and functionality. This is seen in the plain exterior walls, the absence of elaborate moldings or trims, and the unadorned fence.

Materials: Glass for Windows: Large glass windows are prominent throughout the house, allowing ample natural light to enter and enhancing the sense of openness.

Source: https://bit.ly/thiet-ke-biet-thu-tai-hai-phong

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Sorry, but what? :joy:


“embodies the principles of modern minimalism” signifies that the design of the house follows the core tenets of this architectural style:
Modern Minimalism Principles:

  • Clean Lines and Geometric Forms: The villa avoids unnecessary curves or ornamentation, favoring straight lines, squares, rectangles, and other geometric shapes in its overall design and features like windows, doors, and the roof.
  • Minimalist Details: There’s a focus on simplicity and functionality. The exterior lacks elaborate moldings, trims, or decorative elements that might detract from the clean lines.
  • Openness and Spaciousness: The use of large windows, a potentially open floor plan (based on observation), and a symmetrical layout create a sense of spaciousness and a connection with the outdoors.
  • Neutral Color Palette: The white and grey color scheme emphasizes the minimalist aesthetic and creates a clean, timeless look.

Sorry, but to me this is the opposite of “minimalism.” :thinking:

Maybe it’s opposite day, and we are not aware

How the minimalism can be questioned here? Just look at the fence - the pure representation of the term.

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Please share some some model in https://grabcad.com/library and share the link here. It will be a good resources for the community to learn or reuse some parts.