Architecture Tips - House Renovation Design

Hi All,
I am looking for some ideas for a renovation i am attempting to design. Iā€™m a civil engineer, so really good at squares :stuck_out_tongue: But hoping for a few more out of the box ideas!

Basically, we have a North facing (I live in the Southern Hemisphere - so North is where we get sun from) bank of windows (its all Cedar) - I want to take out two bays, and replace with a set of 4.6m bifolds to get some indoor/outdoor feel - then add a Patio. Patio is where i am stuck. I have a couple of basic ideas - would appreciate some critic or any other ideas. Some photos and exerts from the Rhino model below:



I would really appreciate some opinions. Im happy to upload the model if anyone wants to spin it around :slight_smile:

Greatly appreciate any ideas!

I should add a perspective shot - Patio opens onto an established garden (not quite obvious from the bad photogrammetry in my model shots:

I have also marked the two windows i propose to replace with bifolds:


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