Extend Two Lines To Where They Would Intersect

Is there a command in Rhino to select two lines and extend both of them to the apparent intersection? It’s interesting because when using RhinoScript (Python) and offsetting two lines to the outside where it would typically leave a gap, Rhino extends the lines automatically, yet with the Rhino commands the offset won’t do this that I have found.

The graphic shows the gap in the line after offsetting the polyline in Rhino.
2022-09-01 22_41_13-Window

I think what you are looking for is the command Connect.

Perhaps this is something different from what you are trying to achieve, but you can also change the Corner setting in the Offset command to get the lines meeting in a corner from the beginning.

you will end up with one polyline, not 2 segments.

I assumed that it was two separate lines and not one polyline that he’s offsetting, in which case it won’t connect automatically.

@Fabio_M @Helvetosaur - Actually I was looking for both. I didn’t realize the Corner option would work on non-closed polylines and the Connect is new to me. Thanks for both!