_Extend Multiple Curves at Once

Hello all, I have a large quantity of curves I would like to extend 20,000’. This is to create “drafting lines” or a continuation of these lines off of the page. I know how to use the extend commands, although I have 300+ curves so this would take a while. Is there a way to just extend all of them? Rhino only lets me select one at a time.

I have shown in red pen a select few, but I would like to extend every single curve you see (None of them are joined)

Hi Chris - I guess the problem with multiples is knowing which end to extend - if the extension were always on the start and/or always on the end, this would be pretty straightforward but as is, the pick location tells Rhino which way to go. If you can set all the curve directions ahead of time, (or want to extend both ends0 I can make you a thing (I think) to extend a bunch at once.


Hey pascal, sorry for the late reply. I realized your correct, it wouldn’t extend because I was selecting the whole line. I simply selected in bulk whichever side of the line I needed to extend. Took no time at all.