Extend Planar Curve Command

I was trying to make a fork into an actual object using the extrude planar surface command but it keeps telling me its unable to because it will make an invalid surface. What do I do? How do I fix it?Section 10.3dm (325.8 KB)

Your question is very difficult to answer without more information. Which specific command are you trying to use? _ExtrudeSrf? With the surface visible run _SelBadObjects. Are any bad objects selected?

If possible post a .3dm file with the surface you are trying to extrude. You can drag the file to where you type a post, or you can use the verticle arrow icon above where you type a post.

Section 10.3dm (325.8 KB)

I select the fork and I try to use the extrude planar surface curve straight command.

The curve is open, not closed, and has an overlap.

Use What to find that the curve is not closed.

Use CrvStart to mark the start of the curve. Use CrvEnd to mark the end of he curve. The part of the curve between the start and end is the overlap. Eliminate the overlap and _ExtrudeCrv will work.