Extend curve to tangent problem

Why this acts like this?
I try to extend smooth to tangent. I used setpt before…

It looks like to be same end tan point point with line

Extend tan.3dm (146.3 KB)

Yeah… Tan finds the tangent from the end of the input curve here - - I see it is not extremely helpful in this case. i.e. Tan finds a tangent vector from an input point to a point on the target curve, it does not look at the curve you are extended:

I think, like InterpCrv, Extend would need its own Tangent finder. I have no idea if that is possible.

You cann use Match > MatchTo = PickPoint to fix it up - that is not the most controllable tool, to say the least but it may help.


There are an infinite number of points on the target curve that the extension curve can be tangent to. Either the user or the algorithm would need to select one point.



I used Circle command with options: Tangent, Tangent, Point. The point is the end of the line.

Extend tan.3dm (147.8 KB)

That results in an arc which does not have curvature continuity with the original curve, unlike Extend with the Smooth option.

Ok, thanks for the explanations :slightly_smiling_face:
Now I know not to waste time in the future…
I cut the upper curve using quad and then I made crvblend. It looks good enough.
Thanks :slight_smile: