Extend 2 open curves to meet at point with minimum deviation (for making network sufaces)

Here is a 5 sided shape and an open curve network, if I can get rhino to determine where they should intersect when extended so they have a nearly equal deviation to make them connect, it will make building 5 sided curve networks a doddle (I will trim the corner after)

I am not sure I understand which curves you would like to extend. And why, but could you use the patch command rather than the ntwsurf?

Hi Simon - something to try anyway:

  1. ExtendCurve ( a test command in V5 but useful - you’ll need to type the whole thing, no autocomplete) the two curves out past each other.
  2. ClosestPoint, select one curve then Object option and then select the other curve. You’ll see where they come the closest to one another from the two points that show up.
  3. From there- not sure -Trim the extended curves with the points, then Match for Position with Average set, might be one way.


Look at the open red curves with points on the ends and you will see the 4 sided curve network im trying to create.
Patch is too unreliable for somthing like this. And I should be able to make a 4 sided CN when the curves are extended and intersect.

I just want a better way to position the meeting point without having to geuss and do it manualy.

Edit: when thinking about it… I would just make two lines from each end - I match the ends of the new curves together by point. Then match each curve to each edge by tangent and point for other side. Then join.

Hope that helps

Regards Roy

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