Expression doesn't work

Hi there,

I am new to GH and I am trying to use Expression which inputs are x and y and when I define a very simple expression like (x+y), I get a syntax error Syntax error: Unknown variable encountered: x and another one for y.

very odd.

Hover with the mouse over the inputs to ensure that the input names are what you see on the capsule.

If input names gets messed up (usually after renaming any of them), then add a new input, and then remove it again, then the names should have become corrected.

// Rolf

what do you have plugged into x & y?
number sliders? or something else? or nothing?

I am setting integer values for x and y.

Thank you

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If you post the GH-file we can have a look at it.

// Rolf

I changed the name Variable x to x on the input side and now it works. Not sure why it would be labeled like that but appreciate the hint.

It’s a known issue when you are using GH display in Draw Full Names mode.

Are there any plans to correct the bug of the expression component on the x and y variables when switching between draw full name draw nickname

No, it’s one of many well known irritants that have caused people grief for at least seven years.