Exporting to STL is causing issues

I’m sending an stl file out and he’s saying he’s having issues with the file. The only thing I can notice when I import it back into rhino is the top surface is a bit wonky. I’ve done two other ones and their surfaces don’t have the same issue and they work fine.

Also when I import the file back in it’s smaller. Is that normal?
Plaque Error.3dm (6.6 MB)

3 New.stl (3.3 MB)

Hi Hoodzy- size will change because stl does not carry any units- you can set units on import if you Import rather than Open the file. You do not say what the problem reported is- but, in case it helps, I meshed and exported-see how this works.

Plaque Error_pg.zip (1.3 MB)


Sorry he just showed me a screen shot of the file as seen in the blue screen shot. It looks like the bottom half is missing.