Illustrator Pukes on Rhino-created AI file

I created the attached AI file in Rhino.

Deck Plans (688.0 KB)

I get this when I try to open it in illustrator.


How can I get around this?

Its all about scale, your drawing is far to large for Illustrator.

Illustrator has a maximum of 227,54" x 227,54" (5779,55 mm x 5779,55 mm) canvas, so scale down the drawing itself or in the export setting.

I am going to suggest to the Rhino gods that the export dialog indicate which value is the source scale and which is the destination scale. This is not even indicated in the documentations.

I had it backwards.

Any idea why the text turns out funky?
Multi-line becomes single line with no spaces. Apostrophes are wacko.

Looks like an encoding problem

In my editor I see with latin1 encoding


and with UTF-8


I replaced the right single quotation mark with a actual apostrophe. See if the attached file works better for you.

Deck Plans (614.6 KB)