Import camera and scenes from Sketchup - bug

I am having trouble fitting the camera view from sketchup 2015 to Rhino 5.5.

when I open the sketchup file in Rhino, the scenes get imported into named views, but the camera is way off.

I have tried to do it manually with extracting the position, target and lens from sketchup and inserting them into the -ViewportProperties command. But the camera does not translate to the same view in Rhino. I tried setting the aspect ratio to the same as in Sketchup, but nothing really happened.

So is there a script for positioning the camera or in the best of worlds: a functioning importer, that I can download?

This was discussed in the following thread 2017:

So I am reviving the issue with the importer and are grateful for all tips end tricks of how to position the camera manually.

Is it working in Rhino 6?


CameraSceneTest.3dm (2.7 MB) CameraSceneTest.skp (80.3 KB)

Here are two files illustrating the problem.

I’m having the same problem with Rhino 7 SR 9 and SketchUp 2021 (sept. version). Rhino 7 reads a 2020-version of the SKP-fileformat (but not yet 2021) including the “Scenes” which are imported from SketchUp as “Named Views” to Rhino. Unfortunately the created “Named Views” are all wrong and different if you import the SKP file to a Rhino-template in Millimeters, Centimeters or Meters regardless of the Units in the SKP-file is specified as mm. The results are also different if the Rhino-templates are set to be “Large” or “Small”. I have provided a test file exported from SketchUp 2021 in version 2019 + 2020 plus a PDF showing expected result as a comparison.

2xA4_7_Scenes_from_SketchUp_2021_saved_as_version_2020.pdf (192.8 KB)
Falkoner_Alle_NamedViews.3dm (622.6 KB)
Falkoner_Alle_Volume+Widgets_2019.skp (215.7 KB)
Falkoner_Alle_Volume+Widgets_2020.fbx (92.5 KB)
Falkoner_Alle_Volume+Widgets_2021.skp (152.2 KB)
Imported_SU-2019_to_Rhino_Template_Small_in_centimeters.3dm (431.6 KB)
Imported_SU-2019_to_Rhino_Template_Small_in_meters.3dm (420.7 KB)
Imported_SU-2019_to_Rhino_Template_Small_in_millimeters.3dm (424.4 KB)
Imported_SU-2020_to_Rhino_Template_Large_in_centimeters.3dm (431.6 KB)
Imported_SU-2020_to_Rhino_Template_Large_in_meters.3dm (420.7 KB)
Imported_SU-2020_to_Rhino_Template_Large_in_millimeters.3dm (424.3 KB)