Sketchup-style flythroughs, etc

Hey, I recently started a new job and they actually use Sketchup here. At first, I was like, “Yuck,” being a devoted rhino user for years. But I realize that Sketchup’s push-button utility that automates camera movement between saved views is better that Rhino’s. For example, I want to be able to click through named views and have it animate between them. Currently Rhino only animates “restoring” named views. More control in that options panel would be great!

Maybe the free tool smoothrestoreview is something for you:

It might be helpful if you further iterated what you felt was missing. Reading your post I’m not sure I understand the difference between animating between named views and animating the restoring of named views.

Sorry, I’ll try and clarify. For me the Jarek plugin probably will do the trick, but I was just frustrated when using the animate named view feature. The goal would be, for example, to show someone a 3dm in a slick “presentation” style. So you’d have a bunch of NamedViews saved, and you just click them in whatever sequence and Rhino would animate between them. Currently this utility in Rhino only animates when the camera is not at a view that is one of the Named Views. So if you click your Named Views in sequence (without orbiting or zooming at all) the animation does not happen. This I find weird, perhaps a bug, that could be a quick fix. But also I noticed SketchUp has the ability to save layer states and other display options within its equivalent function of “Named Views.” Their implementation is actually cumbersome, because it saves all these settings automatically when you save a View. Anyway, this might be a plugin idea or a long term project, but a “presentation utility” that allows push-button shortcut access and setup for this type of thing would be neat.

Thanks, added the request as


Hello! I’m at another architecture office now, and I am trying to convert them from SketchUp to Rhino. I’m a walking Rhino proselytizer, you guys should be paying me! :wink:

Unfortunately, all computers here are Macs. Anyway, we bought three copies of Rhino to try it out. The aforementioned feature is indeed one of the things that my firm really needs to have their CAD program do (the “slick” animated presentation view of a 3dm).

I wonder if this has been fixed? I no longer have permission to view your link (seems like it may have expired).

In either case, animations between NamedViews is not available at all on Rhino for Mac, which is too bad. Should we add this to the feature request list? Or will it come in time like many features that just haven’t been translated over yet?

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Hi Gabe - that link should be available now - & it is still an open item…