Exporting a dwg from rhino and opening it in autocad

I cant edit the exported dwg drawing from rhino in autocad. I made the model on rhino and saved it. I then made it 2d and exported the selected 2d drawing as a dwg file. However i have tried to open this dwg file on auto cad and it comes up with the error message of “this dwg file was saved by an application that was not developed or licensed by autodesk” and then when i continue to opening the file on autocad it wont let me edit it or save it?
How do fix this to enable me to edit the dwg from rhino in autocad? Thanks

that is a typically warning from autocad that can be ignored (continue opening file), as to why you can’t edit is something else, most likely user & autocad related. If you post a file that & be more specific on “won’t let me edit or save”. Do have a full functioning autocad license?

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Ok thanks!
I have tried again and it is working? so I assume it was something wrong with my computer playing up momentarily or something? Thank you anyway