Export View Image - Visible Portion of Current View

Hi guys,

I want to export only the visible portion of the current view. As we have it in the Export Image Options. I don’t have that option in the node though.

Not sure if that’s available via api, maybe as a ZoomFitType?

It is available. Export Region property has the option of VisibleRegionOfCurrentView.

Hi @mucahitbgoker,

Current ‘Export View Image’ component works with any graphical view even if it is no the active one or even the document is not visible on Revit UI.

It seems to me that VisibleRegionOfCurrentView only works on the Active View in the UI.

If this is the case but we need this functionality to be exposed I’m more inclined to do a new component called something like ‘Active View Screenshoot’ or ‘Take Screenshoot’ with no View input and more related to Revt UI than the current component.

I see. Then new component makes much more sense. I need to get the screenshot of the current view for a script I am trying to create.