Can anyone help me?

Can anyone help me? The number of elements selected with ‘visible’ does not match those in the actual view, and the tag positions do not automatically center.

Hi Jack,

I want to help but a picture is often not enough, particularly if we would need to recreate the conditions to repeat.

To get help quick we recommend isolating a small example file(s) and providing the environment info (Rhino/Revit version).

To help others please put a descriptive title of what you are trying to solve, that way others with the same issue can find this in the future. Thanks

Thanks Japhy,
Next time I’ll write a proper topic. Here’s my file, please take a look and help me out.
2024.05.09.rar (11.9 MB)

The script is getting the correct number of walls in the view… if you see below image I did a box selection in the view and the filter shows 10 walls, similar to your original image.

You will need a way to filter only the walls you need to annotate out of these 10 walls by maybe adjusting your view depth or filter using specific parameter you add etc…

Thank you, but actually, what I’ve annotated in the Revit view are four walls (the same view as selected in Grasshopper), which is what I actually want. According to what you said, I need to bring the section view as far forward as possible, but I can never avoid having some walls on both sides being cut off. Is there any other way to achieve the same effect as manually operating in Revit?

This is one way you can filter walls, by checking the cross product of the view Z vector against the walls location Y Vector, and checking if the output value is within a specified tolerance. Keeping in mind this might need adjustment depending on the cases you have in your projects, eg. walls having their directions in different orientations.

So this among other ways you can maybe use depending on your use case.

RiR_FilterViewWalls (9.4 KB)

Thank you.
This is a great solution. I got what I wanted.