Section/Elevation glass visaility issue


I am trying to export drawings using VisualARQ section view but when there is a glazed surface in the view you cant see stuff behind. Is there some visibility option I am not seeing?


Hello Daniel,

You need to edit the style of the glass object. Select the glazed element and set its visibility to “Hidden”. Then, update the section view to check the result.

Yes but that will simply hide the glass, right? What I need is this


So that you can see that glass is glass

Hi Daniel,

Ok, in that case you can try something like this:
Or maybe you can just use a view which shows the materials, instead of using the vaSectionView command:

Alright, I will try to figure something out cheers!

Btw how is it possible that the model you used for tutorials is 80 something mb with all the walls and stuff and my is 2 GB? Did you link everything there or I am doing something wrong? (Scale of both projects is similar)

Well, 2GB is too big.

What do you mean?

Maybe you can try taking a look to this posts:

Alright, I will run a couple of tests with the size and get back to you if I figure it out. I think it might be vray materials but will check it out later.


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