Export View Image - enhancement needed

@Japhy sorry for the reply.
I created empty rooms in the AI file should be able to catch the image parameter I think…

Somehow I’m going back to the Cop View method, mainly because some parts from link file can’t be trim if they geta full cover by the box.

I see the example was for Plan View, when change to 3D somehow it went off. Maybe its because camera plane?

I’ll post update as soon as my computer stops running…

Not sure if you want to go there…

" In this different situation, the two boxes have different coordinate systems, so one has to transformed into the other. Also consider below that the maximum and minimum points of the section box are not enough alone to properly frame the section box with a crop box. If you transform P1 and P2 below from the coordinate space of the section box into the coordinate space of the view, you would end up with the red box. You need to know the missing corners; then you can transform all of the eight corner points into the coordinate space of the view. You then find the max/min XYZ from those and set crop box to green rectangle"

@Japhy I think that’s exactly my last step to go.
Would it works if I copy the code to GH’s python node?

I’ll post my screen shot shortly.


  1. 2000+ 3D Views DONE :white_check_mark:
  2. 2000+ Section Boxes DONE :white_check_mark:
  3. Changing to Corp Box method…:warning:
  4. 2000+ filters DONE :white_check_mark:
  5. Export Image DONE, See below :warning:

In Revit>

Export, see the frame>

Trying to Move Camera and get the “Section Box” in “Crop Box”…

Ctu6, Use the bottom output of the bounding box. The tops the oriented (to view plane) the bottom output in the non-transformed box which will crop the view correctly.

Hi @Japhy at the moment I want to thank you in advance, I appreciate all your help these days.

The result turns out really great and provide solid information.

Right now our team is shooting for final DD submission by the end of this month, so have to hop on other things real quick … I’ll get back to the thread sooner the crazy stuff goes out.

Again, thank you so much!


Glad we could help, best of luck the the DD submittal.

We have added more inputs to this component to not having to create 2000 views :slight_smile:.

RiR-ViewExportImage.gh (v1.7 needed)

Now you can specify the ‘Crop Extents’ and show only certain elements on each capture.
There is a ‘Template’ input also in case you want to take several shots using different view template applied.

Optionally you can postprocess the capture and generate one with a transparent background from the context menu.


Like this:

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