Crop View with selected elements


is there a way to apply crop view using selected elements?If not, do you have any suggestions in Python / C# ?

Thank you!

Hi Massimiliano,

What is the workflow you are trying to achieve? A view crop is specific to the view and typically done across multiple views with a Revit Scope Box.


Thank you for the quick answer.

I’d like to create some plan views (some at the same level) having a tree structure of elements that I can use to refit my crop view.
As you said I’ve to focus on my workflow.

  1. immagine a large building of one floor (to simplify a bit) subdivided in different elements well associated in a tree.
  2. I can associate the number of views desired with the tree paths and create the views.
  3. I’d like to apply my “zoom in” for the desired zone of interest

First question, can I potentially do this using the Revit APIs or Rhino Insiide Revit?

Do you think that a scope box can be used instead of the crop view?

For me it’s completely indifferent if I can match the goal, I’m not a great Revit designer and all the suggestions are very well accepted and I’m more than pleased to understand and improve.

Thank you very much!

I didn’t really understand what you mean. Maybe sharing some graphics and diagrams would make it even better. To try to answer your question:

  • You can create views.
  • You can crop views through API.
  • You can programmatically zoom in to selected objects.
    RIR Native components doesn’t support creation of plan views or cropping them at the moment. So you’ll need to created couple custom Python components.
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Programmatically that can get quite complex, in the bounding box aspect alone.

Here is a quick example of setting scope boxes on groups of views

Requires Revit 2022

View Scopes.rvt (1.6 MB) (13.8 KB)

Thank you very much this seems really interesting!