3DM to DWG

Hi, I am assigned to convert certain files to DWG. I would like to ask you how is the structure of DWG files in order to export either from Rhino or Modo.

I can either design in MODO(polygonal) or in Rhino. I am not sure which type of modeling software will give me a better result in DWG.

Is DWG based on polys/faces or nurbs ?

Thanks a lot!!!

It can be both.
There is a lot of information on this in the help file.

In the end, it’s probably the target application that will dictate what you use.

Thanks. If anyone tried both options made with nurbs or any polygonal software and want to share, appreciate it.

hey Bruno, what are those files going to be used for later? dwg is actually a cad domain, so exporting cad files from a polygonal software is most definitely not a good idea. just in case you might have to add text or anything like images, why dont you just do it in rhino, the export to dwg will leave you most of the options in tact plus also real nurbs surfaces and curves.

what i read is that modo has no nurbs, i found a plugin though not sure if thats for surfaces only or also curves, but this may be only relevent depending on the target purpose. under the line i am sure you are better of exporting dwg from a cad application.

Hi Richard ! Thanks!

I need to create furniture files for a client. The idea is to upload them in their web and then the customers can download the 3D blocks (DWG) and import them into their render/model software. I guess the client decided DWG cause he knows that usually their customers use DWG.

I can proceed with Rhino then. The only doubt is that I was planning, in case of having organic shapes, to use Modo. I will ask them if their files gets crazy in after exporting them .

If there is anything else I can provide in order you give me more feedback let me know.