Export to .dwg text and dimensoin size is changing

Hi Guys,

text and especially dimension (text and arrows) are changing their size partially extremely when saving a Rhino 7 file as .dwg. Even in very simple polyline drawings.

I upload the Rhino 7 file and the saved .dwg file.

Thank You for your help.
Test2D_Export.3dm (141.3 KB)
Test2D_Export_dwg.dwg (49 KB)

Hi Andreas - I see the arrow size changes from .3 to 3… I’ll try to reproduce this here… So, for leaders, the override of the annotation style is being ignored on export - the annotation style has arrows set to 3, the individual leaders are set to override at 0.3, is what it looks like. Apparently this is true for dimensions as well, which makes me think perhaps it is not a mere oversight.
It seems this has never worked - at least not in V6.

For now, I would say, unless there is a reason not to, change the annotation style to use the smaller arrows.

RH-67311 Export dwg: dimension & leader overrides ignored