Export Step SubD

I’m testing this SubD great tool, but I experienced some problems while exporting a SubD geometry.
I tried to export as an iges or step, with different configurations but I get weird trimmed surfaces (see in the picture), not respecting the main soft geometry.

Hi Kevin -

Note that you will also see this with the ToNURBS command. When you export the SubD object to STEP, that same code is used to convert the SubD object to NURBS.

At any rate, this issue is on the list as RH-55492 and I have added this thread to be notified when that issue is resolved.

Basically, what you are seeing are rendering mesh artifacts. You can read more about that here:


Isn’t that a problem with proper topology?
There are other methods of topology.

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Hi -

As I understand it, not necessarily, no.

That’s correct, yes.
And, as you show, you can avoid rendering issues at star points by using a different topology. But that doesn’t mean that the other topology isn’t “proper”.