Exporting model

Greetings all!.. How can I export /save a specific component of a model as a rhino file 3dm .When I highlight the specific component and export or it as a 3dm file to save on my desktop when I open the file it contains everything from the file I was working on or if I open rhino and import the piece the whole model gets imported …rhino 6 thanks in advance

You are using the command Export (typed on the command line or right click on the Save icon) or Export Selected... from the File menu to export your selected part?

Yes, but when I open the ‘part file’ that I exported it includes everything, even all hidden and all layers. I just want to save the one part out so I can work on it or add it to my files for later. Tried everything with the red mark in the image. Or do I have to make a copy of the original file and delete everything I don’t want then save it as a new file is that the only way?

This is the one:

If that is sending out something other than selected objects, something is amiss - please run SystemInfo in Rhino and copy/paste the results here.


I swear I swear, I swear I tried that and it didn’t work , tried again it did …thanks everyone and Pascal and …Sorry to take up the time!

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