Export/Print color gradient baked from Grasshopper


I have a baked color gradient that can only be viewed from “shaded” view port.

How can I print this without having to screenshot?

Thank you, Shynn

Hi Shynn - Print with output set to Raster should work- does that do it?


Hey Pascal, thanks for your reply. Its a way, but I was thinking of a way to keep my lines as vectors. I guess I could export as raster in render mode, and then export the lines as vectors and overlap them in illustrator.

Btw, would you care to link me an explanation or explain yourself what exactly those colors are? Because they are not hatches, they are not a layer color, is it a texture? Can I modify it after baking it?

Here is the Gh definition if you want to take a look at it. ColourBySlope.ghx (48.8 KB)


Hi Shynn - those are vertex colors, from the look of it - each mesh vertex gets a color and that color is interpolated linearly to whatever color is on the next vertex by the display.