Export depth pass as EXR file 32 bit

Can I export the depth pass from the rhino render window as an exr 32 bit file??
Unfortunately, when I save the depth pass in exr format it saves the RGB pass instead, if I save it in tiff or any other format it saves it properly as a depth pass, what am I missing?
Thanks, Riccardo

Hi Riccardo - I see that, thanks, I’ll see what I can find out.


Hi Pascal,

Is this different than ShowZBuffer?
I thought it was impossible to get 16 bit greyscale, but maybe that has changed?

I guess it is the same as Zbuffer, it just saves wrong to exr format.

RH-59383 Render window: export of depth buffer image to exr incorrect


Perhaps Rikkarlo will clarify his expectation.

There seems little point to exporting 8 bits greyscale to a 32 bit format, unless its just to put the 8 bit greyscale in an EXR file, with the full understanding there is no additional bit depth.

Hi thanks for the fast replay, I want to use the Z depth render pass as displacement map into another render software. The EXR format is useful for me because it has linear colour space to avoid wrong interpretation of the heights (see attached image 1) and the 32 bits are necessary to have smooth change of heights, see the attached image (2).

I extracted the EXR depth maps from another software, but doing all the workflow into rhino would be much easier.
Anyway I wasn’t aware of the fact that the greyscale images can’t be more than 8 bits, but in photoshop I’m able to push them up to 32 so I guess they changed it lately a prove of that is the second image that gives different results using 16 and 32 bits exr files (I have to say that the images are not in grey scales but in RGB though, I don’t know if this changes something))