Export points coordinates to csv from Rhino


Hi Everyone,

I want to export a set of points coordinates and origin to csv format from Rhino.
I wonder how to proceed with this.
I tried a couple time in Rhino file menu - export with origin, selected the csv output, it didn’t give me anything. I wonder maybe my setting in the populate panel were wrong. How should I do it?

Looking at you tube and vimeo videos, they showed using Python or Rhino script to do it. As I am not familiar with both, these ways don’t work for me.

Can someone give me a lead?



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Raymond - so you want to export the points with coordinates that are other than the current World coordinates, do I have that right? If so I think the easy way out is to set the current CPlane to the coordinate system you like, select the points, RemapCPlane them from the CPlane to Top (World) Export, then Undo the remap cplane part.



Hi Pascal,

Thanks for helping me!

My original intention was to export points in world coordinates. Aiming to get X, Y, Z figures. I ruled out the check mark at csv Export Options one by one. Finally, I got the right info that I need i.e. image 1. (only objection description works)
When I imported this info back to Rhino, it didn’t show any points. However, the command line showed “import successfully”. Don’t know why.
I went to delete the first column numbers and texts like image 2. And reimported to Rhino. It worked.
I want to know if my procedure were correct or not. And why I need to do some modification on to csv file.
Can you advise me?

Another thing, you opened an interesting suggestion to me that I never thought of. Export them in Cplane. I am going to try. I think it will be very useful along my work.


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Raymond - I think you have it right for csv, but for points, exporting as .txt may get you more what you are after.



hi Pascal,

It works. Export points to .txt file will get my results directly.
No problem to import to other Rhino doc.