Export to dwg in paperspace

When I save a Rhino-drawing in .dwg format and open it in autocad or a viewer, the drawing is opened in modelspace.

Some of my customers complain about this. Before sending the dwg, I have to open it in acad, switch to paperspace, zoom out and then save it. If a customer now opens the drawing it starts in paperspace.

Rhino V5 of V6 makes no difference.

Is there any solution for this?


you could have your exported rhino file consistently generically named (Plan_01.dwg example) that is referenced into a file that is all set up in Paperspace. Send both files. Or script it to always bind/insert said xref, then send 1 file.

Hi Peter - I don’t know of any way to make that happen from Rhino but I’ll ask someone who understands Autocad… @lowell - is that something we can do?


It may be possible, but I haven’t managed it yet.
I tried to fix up some of those things a while back and didn’t get it done.