Export large file in multiple parts?

Hi, I’m trying to export a file into a .obj but my computer crash because the file is to heavy.
Is there a way to automatically export it in multiple parts so it’s lighter to compute and then merge into a single file when I import it?
I know I could do it manually but it’d be great if it were a script or a plug-in to do it.


As far as I know, that option doesn’t exist in Rhino, try using the _Mesh command before exporting your file so you can have a preview of the model and so you can check on the number of polygons you are getting. From my personal experience, “Maximum distance, edge to surface” gives the cleanest and most optimized results in terms of quality/number of polygons.

try something like that:
Sub exportar_objectos_por_Capa()

	arrFileExtnsions =Array(_
	 "3dm", "3ds"   ,  "ai"   ,  "pdf",_
	 "eps", "iges"  ,  "dgn"  ,  "fbx",_
	 "obj", "csv"   ,  "skp"  ,  "dxf",_
	 "slc", "sldprt",  "step" ,  "stl",_
	 "svg", "vrml"  ,  "zpr")
	filename=Mid( Rhino.DocumentName (),1,InStrRev (Rhino.DocumentName (),".")-1 )

	set fs=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
	WF = fs.BuildPath(Rhino.DocumentPath (),"\Capas")
	if NOT fs.FolderExists (wf) then 
		set WorkingFolder=fs.CreateFolder( wf)
		set WorkingFolder=fs.GetFolder( wf)
	extension=Rhino.ComboListBox (arrFileExtnsions,"Choose a file type, or write a Rhino supported format","Save objects selected by layer")
	If  IsNull(extension) then rhino.print "Nada seleccionado. Cancelado":exit sub
	extension="."& extension
	arrLayers = Rhino.LayerNames()
	for each strLayer in arrLayers
		arrObjects =Rhino.ObjectsByLayer (strLayer ,vbTrue)
		If IsArray(arrObjects) then 
			strFilename=filename & "- (Capa  ››  " & Replace(strLayer,"::",", Subcapa  ›› ") &  ")" & extension
			rhino.print rhino.command ("_-export "& Chr(34) & strFilename  & Chr(34) &" _EnterEnd", vbFalse)
			Rhino.UnselectAllObjects ()
		end If
End Sub