Export file for Modaris (Lectra); need dxf AAMA or ASTM

I need to use simple 2D scetches, created in Rhino 4, in Modaris (Lectra). Lectra said to me, that Modaris need dxf-AAMA or ASTM. It´s supposed due to the layers.
So, how do I export files in Rhino to make it applicable for Modaris?

Not sure about ASTM, but I have a lot of success with dxf-AAMA

AAMA is really just DXF with a few layers conventions.
The main thing with exporting a aama file is the layers table:

Boundary Lines: 1
Grade/turn points:2
internal lines (draw):8
Internal Cut: 11
Notches: 4
Drills: 13
Base (grain) lines: 7
Sew lines: 14
Quality lines: 15
mirror lines: 6

The other thing to watch out for is the DXF export scheme you use. Depending on the version of Modaris you are sending to, you will have varying degrees of success with splines. So I’d suggest trying a polylines export scheme and fiddle with the tesselation parameters until you get a good balance between accuracy and density.


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I tried to replicate the this but i couldnt, can you please upload a rhino file just to see how you manage to do it? i want to open the dxf aama file in clo3d and only supports this format.
thank you very much


I know this post is quite old, but I shall be intersted to know if you had find a solution regarding import/export dxf AAMA with Rhino.

We export DXF AAMA often from Rhino.

It is well explained by @Steve_Howden , the only thing you need to add to that is make sure that once the part is finished, all layers of the part are selected and made into a DXF Block (‘block’ command in Rhino) and that block is on a layer other than any of the instruction layers (1,8, 11 etc) . So put the block onto a layer called ‘fabric’ for example.


Anyone know how to export dxf from autocad to modaris ? I follow all rules layers aama, make block but still cant open . Thanks