Export end points of lines with identification

I am trying to export coordinates of end points of a number of lines as txt files with identification next to each point, as it is a start or end point. The txt file is needed to be imported by another software for modelling.

I have tried extract points, then export as CSV or txt, but the outocme was a list of points with no difference between end or start point.


So, what format do you need? What do need on each line?

Something like X Y Z S (or E)?



something like this

startpoint 2399.998,7913.551,2732.017
endpoint 2400.598,7913.8,2736.316

OK, you can try the following Python script on for size…


ExportLinesStartEndPoints.py (1022 Bytes)

thanks will try

Once again thanks,

it worked!

this link doesn’t work, could you update it?

Yeah, awhile back Discourse had a server failure and a lot of old post attachments were lost… I can’t edit the 5 year old post above, so here is a new download link:

ExportLinesStartEndPoints.py (840 Bytes)