Export curve lengths and names to csv file

I think Im 90% of the way to getting this nailed down. Here is my problem:

I have a grid of curves that are individually named in the properties A,1 A,2 A,3 etc. Image of set up attached. All the curves have a different length. I would like to export them to a csv file so it looks like the attached jpeg.

I can:
Get the lengths of the curves exported.

I can’t:
Export the lengths associated with their name and in the order of A,B,C etc.

I appreciate this is probably boring/easy for the majority of people on this site. I have tried loads of tools and just cant get this to work. I welcome any suggestions or help. Internalized file attached.


Pin Length Exporter-mh 2.gh (9.9 KB)
Pin Length Exporter-mh 2.gh (9.9 KB)


you’ll have to post the Rhino file by this method (GUID needs rhino geometry)

how is the name assigned? there is no apparent layer convention, object name or user text.

Here is the rhino file. The name is assigned in the “name” section of the “properties”. I cant make the jump to drawing the length and the name together for each curve.

Hope this helps.

2019-05-09_MH Kiln Setup Petal 2.3dm (1.5 MB)

Sorry not a lot of time to properly sort through your layers and naming, but you should get the point.

Requires Elefront (can be done in Human as well)

RE_PIN BEDS.gh (13.0 KB)

Thank you so much for putting that together. Where and how do I input the curves though?

The first component is finding all items in the PIN BEDS root layer, then its filtered by only Curves (typically you would manage that so not have mixed geometry in this case). The curves in the second definition are branched out by their respective layers, which match the tree structure of the Length Component. If you have specific Curves to input, filter by those Layers or put them on a particular Layer and get its Length and Name by using the first component.