Q: to exporting Rhino8 geometries into separate files each

I have a problem exporting partgeometry from a tree.
I intend to export each partgeometry into separate pdf or dxf files.
There is a tree for the part geometies. Ecah oartgeometrise stored in different brances
(imported from theyr layers by elefront node).

For each “export instance” appears the file export options windows, and I have to confirm the exports manualy.

Each “export instance” contains every part geometry, instead of only one.

What is the solution of this problem?

Thank in advance for your support!


The quick solution is to export *.dxf with EleFront.

If you need *.pdf, I guess you’d need to create layouts and then print those. Rhino 8 lets you print into separate files.

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I used ExportAs of Plugin Pancake. Everything fine. I imported multiple files with “import3DM” component in Grasshopper. After that I managed some stuf and exported each file with ExportAs of Plugin Pancake.

I apologise for my carelessness!
Do you have an idea how to solve my problem?

Thank you for your proposal!
In case there will be no solution with GH Rhino8 and Elefront 5.15 I will follow your proposal. (In the company we try to minimise the number of applied plugins.)

Apparently Rhino is also working on a more complete export component which should export more formats than just *.3dm

I used EleFront in the past but since I’m also trying to minimize the use of plugins I’m now using a slightly modified script which @Helvetosaur posted. It exports the content in the Rhino file based on the object name.

BatchExportFileByObj-name.py (1.5 KB)
BatchExportFileByObjs-name.py (1.7 KB)

Hi Martin,

I tested the ‘elefront’ export node, and the export of DXF files works as I envisioned. Unfortunately, I cannot use it for exporting PDF files. It may be necessary for our documentation office to find a solution for the automatic batch printing of DXF files.

Thank you for your support!