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ive prepared a model which displays good results. for x reasons i need to export exact copy of surface, either by copy-paste or by extractPt - export selected - csv file with coordinates…

i really dont know why but when i import that same surface to another rhino file with same tolerance and mesh settings, it displays different curvature combs, as if models were completely different from each other… Am i missing something? also, grasshopper displays other results… confusing.

i need both rhino files to display same results. Is that possible?


Hi Oliver -

We are missing something here. You are not importing a surface.


I do not understand your point. Can you be more clear?

Hi -
It would really help if you could just post the files that you are working with so that we don’t have to guess what you are doing.

You write that you export point coordinates.

Then you hop to importing a surface? If you exported points, surely you are importing points?
And then doing something with them that we have to guess…

I create surface and then i manually place the recent control points to the imported ones. Then i tried to copy paste an exact copy but also gives weird results…

Ill upload a short video in a moment

Oliver, Wim really means it when he requests a copy of your file. The text exchanges so far have given a pretty good picture of what your process is and what you would like to happen.

By allowing him to work with your file in Rhino at his end you will let him experiment with it and see for himself not only the results of the process you describe but also allow him to explore variations of that process or alternatives that will produce the result you want. Even better than your complete model would be a file that contains only the objects you are having trouble with.

If you don’t want to share your model or even just the troublesome part publicly, McNeel maintains a website you can upload it to. (I don’t recall the link offhand). In the twenty years or so that I’ve been using Rhino and using this forum and it’s predecessor I’ve never heard anyone complain about McNeel folks breaching the confidentially of their customers. You can imagine what such a thing would do to their reputation and customer base.

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Added info: @oliver.jans Post an example here or to, with a link back here in your comments.

Oh that is helpful. Thank you!


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@wim can you send me an email so i can send you my file? my customer does not allow me to share it in forum.

@oliver.jans, with a link back here in your comments.

i did that

Use this upload tool:
Use for the recipient email address

send me email so i can send u file

if u want

See edit here