Export 3D surfaces to 2D .dxf or .dwg files


I am a complete newby. I have worked with OnShape and drafted a simple boat. In that case, I used loft to connect points and lines from the stern to the bow. I expected to do the same with Solidworks. Then, I found your excellent software, and I would like to buy it.

In SolidWorks, I can use a plugin and automatically export those lofted or extruded surfaces as .dxf or .dwg files for a nesting program. The file from the nesting program will then be used for OMAX (80160) Water Jet cutter software called Layout and Make. I would like to do the same with Rhino 7 and Orca 3D marine for Rhino.

We are just starting a jet boat building business. My brother has been working on boats for more than 20 years. He races in the World Championship Marathon and has taken 1st 2 times, 2nd three times, and 3rd three times. He has all the design ideas. He has three businesses right now, and he has limited time. Since I am an engineer, he asked me to research software.

He has purchased the water jet cutter already and has most of the equipment needed to build the boats. He will purchase what he needs. I am understanding the surface area of a planing hull can be basically cut like the sections that it would be lofted in within Solidworks. One just has to export those sections as dxf or dwg files and nest them on an appropriate sheet. Am I on the right track? Can Rhino export surfaces as dxf files for water jet cutting.

I plan to buy your software. I am just trying to figure out how to go from a Orca 3D design to 2D sections for water Jet cutting.



Hi Chris,

Yes, Rhino and Orca3D can cut transverse sections through your hull model. The resulting curves may be exported as either DXF or DWG for nesting and cutting.

Thank you. I found the command for unroll surfaces. That is what I am interested in in this case. Your suggestion will be useful as well in the future. I appreciate your help!