Exporing obj files seem to have extra named postions geometry inserted

I am seeing some weird rendering shading problems on .obj files exported that might be due to having named positions attached in Rhino.

It seems rhino is also exporting the verts or something inside the named position when exporting a file in obj format. As if Rhino is attaching the file with the extra named position geometry.

I have to look at this more but it just crossed my mind as some problems in the obj export are occurring for me. I don’t have an example to post as the file is nda and large. Maybe you can try with any model with named position and I’ll try to cook up a postable example.


have you tried cutting and paste the object before exporting?

Hi Roland - I was not able to reproduce any shading problems with a test model here.

Hi @DiegoKrause, and @wim,

Thanks for taking a look and for your help. Diego that was a good idea but I didn’t cut and paste the geometry.
I figured out what was going wrong was units mismatch. I had to work in no units in Rhino which is generic units in max due to animation constraints but then because we needed to shift to particles and use real world scale we changed the unit system to centimeters and the imported obj modal went nuts in max looking like bad verts and extra geometry.
I had to go back into Rhino change my units to centimeters and then the obj export was working fine.
Thanks to both for your fast help and suggestions,

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