Exploring life as an independent contractor - typical billing rates

Hi folks,

I’m exploring the possibility of striking out as an independent Rhino contractor (freelance modeling, rendering, etc.) and wondering what would be a normal and expected billing rate. My background is Industrial Design, primarily in the office furniture industry but I’d be interested in just about anything.

Can anyone lend me any perspective on rates to charge and what its like to make a living this way?

Please feel free to email me at mdeimen@yahoo.com

Thanks for the help,

Michael Deimen

if you’re in a bigger city or working with clients from a large city… and you consider yourself efficient with the software… and can deal with design problems/discrepancies/needs on your own.
$50/hr to yourself. (if the computer is working and you’re not… eg- rendering… charge less or flat rate the renderings)

Thanks Jeff, good insights.

  • Michael D.