Anyone want to do a simple paid job for me?

Hi, I’ve done a series of Rhino drawings for 7 similar items (same but each one smaller) and need someone to take these files and do layouts and send me the PDFs of each. I think that one only A3 size showing the 4 views, for each of the 7 items will be sufficient. I have my own title block to use which I will also send. I rarely need PDF’s of my Rhino drawings and I normally work in SolidWorks and I’m short of time which is why I’m contracting this out.
Happy to pay (I normally use Paypal to email address) if the price is reasonable. Any takers? Probably pm me (and let me know here that you’ve messaged me) and we’ll go from there.

if you haven´t found anybody yet, i could do that for you. graphics design is where i initially came from so i would see to it that the job is done clean and sufficient according to what you will use those A3’s for.

Thanks for the replies. This job is now closed.